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ALAMO Downloads

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Please read the ALAMO End-User License Agreement before continuing. By downloading anything from this page, you agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Download the latest ALAMO Version 23.2.13 (13-February-2023)

For Windows, simply run the installer. For Linux and OS X, unzip the Zip archives and place them in a directory of your choice. All distributions include the ALAMO User Manual and several examples.

Windows 64 bit (installer)
Linux 64 bit (zip package)
MAC OS X 64 bit (zip package)

To use the software, you need a valid ALAMO license. Please visit our ALAMO Licenses to obtain a license.

Manual, FAQs, and Resources

You can download the ALAMO User Manual to read about the features of ALAMO and see several examples. If you experience any issues, please check our ALAMO FAQ page before contacting technical support.

Several ALAMO tutorials can be found on our YouTube playlist, including introductory videos, conference workshop recordings, and more.

Purchases and Maintenance

To request a ALAMO license or renew your ALAMO maintenance, please visit our Licenses page.


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