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BARON Downloads

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Please read the BARON End-User License Agreement before continuing. By downloading anything from this page, you agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Download the latest BARON Version 24.5.8 (8-May-2024)

Windows 64 bit (installer)
Linux 64 bit (zip package)
MAC OS X 64 bit (zip package)
MAC OS X 64 bit ARM (zip package)


You can use BARON executables through BARON's own parser-reader of optimization models. Alternatively, you can access the same executables through the freely available MATLAB/BARON Interface and the JuMP, Pyomo, and YALMIP modeling systems. 


Without a valid BARON license, the system will operate in free demo mode, which allows you to inspect the user interface, edit and run input files, and investigate other design outputs, but it will not handle large problems. The BARON log will indicate that your system runs in demo mode. BARON demo mode handles up to 10 constraints and variables and up to 50 nonlinear operations.

Manual and FAQs

Download the BARON User Manual to read about software features, see examples of inputs, and learn how to use BARON executables through BARON’s own parser-reader of optimization models. Please see our BARON FAQ page for more information. 


Several BARON tutorials can be found on our YouTube channel, including introductory videos, conference workshop recordings, and more.

Examples of BARON Input Files

For nonconvex nonlinear problems:

For mixed-integer linear problems:

For mixed-integer nonlinear problems:

For separable concave or indefinite quadratic problems:

For miscellaneous applications:

We also provide a large test set of optimization problems.

Purchases and Maintenance

To request a BARON license or renew your BARON maintenance, please visit our Licenses page.


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