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BARON Licenses

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All BARON licenses give full access to the software for any problem size and unlimited simultaneous uses. By licensing the software, you can run BARON on any computer, processor, and operating system using any combination of MATLAB, YALMIP, JuMP Pyomo, or BARON's native modeling language. 

BARON Licenses 

*Multi-user licenses are required if more than one person will use the code. 

Academic Pricing 

The list prices for academics apply only to teaching and research activities at degree-awarding institutions. Licenses at academic rates come with full features and have no restrictions on problem size. 

Maintenance and Support for Perpetual Licenses 

Perpetual licenses allow you to use the licensed software forever, with free upgrades and support for the first year. After the one-year period ends, you can stay with the last version downloaded or purchase a one-year Maintenance and Support package for 20% of the license price. If there is a lapse in maintenance, we will charge the maintenance fee for the uncovered period plus the new year. 


We deliver the license files via email. You can download the software itself from our BARON Downloads page. 

License Agreement 

The BARON End-User License Agreement governs our BARON licenses. 


To purchase a BARON license, please email, and we will send you electronic payment information. Once you complete your purchase, we will email your license file and software activation instructions.

Please provide the following information in your request: 

  • Name, email, and institution of the end-user (to receive software activation instructions here) 
  • Name, email, and institution of the person managing payment, if different than the end-user (to receive payment instructions here)
  • License type (regular or academic and perpetual, annual, or monthly and multi-user or single-user) 

*Credit card payments will go through a secure payment processor. Payment by credit card is preferred, but bank wire is possible, although not encouraged. 


When needed, our developers provide model development and tuning using their deep expertise with the BARON solver. Contact us at for a free initial consulting session to determine if we can help.    


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