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BARON Solver

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Most Advanced Solver for Global Optimization   

Deploy your models for better decisions. Solve your LP, NLP, MIP, and MINLP problems. 
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Best Complete MINLP Solver   

BARON is a powerful mathematical optimization software that uses a branch-and-reduce algorithm to automatically generate the best solution for your most difficult optimization problems. Our worldwide developers have, on average, doubled MINLP performance with each major BARON release over the last 20 years. BARON is recognized as the best global optimization software available and is a key product used by Fortune 500 companies, national research labs, universities, and more. Learn more about BARON in our Company Brochure.         

Solves All Major Optimization Problems

     ✓ Linear programming (LP)       ✓ Mixed-integer programming (MIP)   ✓ Non-linear programming (NLP) Convex and nonconvex     ✓ Mixed-integer nonlinear programming (MINLP) Convex and nonconvex         


BARON was the first commercial optimization software to solve nonlinear and mixed-integer nonlinear problems with deterministic guarantee. The theory and algorithms implemented in the BARON software are the product of nearly 30 years of academic research recognized by the INFORMS Computing Society Prize and the Beale-Orchard-Hays Prize for excellence in computational mathematical programming.     

Support for All Major Interfaces

 BARON’s developer-oriented modeling language allows the user to facilitate custom applications through various modeling systems including:   

MATLAB  JuMP Pyomo (Python) YALMIP 
AIMMS (separate licensing) AMPL (separate licensing) GAMS (separate licensing)


The Best Solver for Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming 

Benchmarks consistently show that BARON is the fastest and most robust MINLP solver. A 2017 independent study found that BARON was 3-10 times faster than other MINLP solvers and solved between 20% and 300% more problems. A 2021 academic study found that BARON is consistently ahead. In a 2023 study conducted by one of our top competitors, BARON was shown to be the best MINLP solver.   

Advanced Algorithms

  •  Deterministic branch-and-reduce exploiting tight convex relations 
  • Cutting planes 
  • Efficient domain reduction techniques 
  • Parallelism and heuristics 

*Learn more at our BARON Publications page.   

Outstanding Support 

We provide direct access to PhD-level optimization experts to ensure that your needs are swiftly addressed. We reply to most requests within one business day.   

Common Applications 

BARON has been used to model industrial applications in every industry, including automotive, chemical, finance, business services, and transportation. Typical applications include optimizing portfolios, risk management, and the design of power plants.  

 Latest Release and Licensing 

The BARON 2024 version continues to push solver performance. Read about the latest major release or view our license options

  • Group licenses are available. 
  • Perpetual licenses do not expire and come with technical support and free upgrades for a year. 
  • Academic licenses are available with reduced academic pricing.      

Among the currently available solvers, BARON is the fastest and most robust one.


Design everything on the assumption that people are not heartless or stupid but marvelously capable, given the chance.

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BARON Clients     Nike Phillips 66 Shell Mitsubishi Eli Lilly Unilever Pfizer Exxon Mobil Merck Sunoco       

680+ Universities 
144 Companies 
61 Countries       

Over 1,000 Registered BARON Users      

Over 1,000 Registered BARON Users


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