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Introduction to BARON and its functionality.
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Description of the MATLAB/BARON interface functions.
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Collection of informative examples to get you started.
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To interface BARON with MATLAB, you must download both BARON and the MATLAB/BARON interface zip archive. The Optimization Firm provides BARON for free for problems up to 10 variables. For larger problems, you will need a BARON license. No license is required for the MATLAB/BARON interface for any size.

Get Started
To run the BARON/MATLAB interface, follow these steps:

Download both the BARON executable and the MATLAB/BARON interface from our Downloads page.
Run the BARON installer and choose your installation location. The default location is C:\baron.
From the BARON installation folder, copy the BARON executable (baron), OpenMP library (libiomp5md.dll), and pthreads library (pthreadVC2-tof.dll) to the Interface folder within the matbar directory (i.e. matbar/Interface/) and rename the executable barin.
Unzip the MATLAB/BARON interface folder (matbar) to a suitable permanent location.
To install the interface, navigate to the matbar directory within MATLAB, then run BARON_install.

Technical Support and FAQ
For questions about the MATLAB/BARON interface, please see our FAQ page and if you require further assistance please email In your email, please attach a screenshot of any warning or error messages for the issue you’re experiencing. If BARON runs, please use the filekp option to generate and send us the scratch directory—including the .bar file—that BARON generates for your specific problem. This will allow us to investigate the issue and provide better insights.


The MATLAB/BARON interface is provided by The Optimization Firm.  The interface is provided free of charge and with no warranties.

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